KIDLY LABEL 2018 Introducing 'Superbasics' by way of a microsite and email campaign.


The Kidly own-label collection or ‘Superbasics’ — a term that describes the collection perfectly — comprises stripped back, stylish children’s clothes designed to be worn individually or to compliment each other.

The Brief

To create a promotional microsite for the collection comprised of photography and key brand messaging and, following that, a series of promotional emails introducing new pieces as they became available to buy.

Microsite & Campaign

At it’s core, the microsite introduced the audience to the brand using animated sequences which helped to convey the three key messages of the collection — ‘Made for every day’, ‘Made for every move’ and ‘Made to last’.

Like the clothing, the photography focussed almost solely on the detail and feel. The backgrounds were stripped back — an empty room and a few props — and the model shots were focussed on the emotions and movements of the kids.

 Microsite examples

The typography was created using the site’s brand font, Apercu. But, as the Kidly label feels less playful than the Kidly store, the type needed to feel lighter and more considered. A lighter weight was used and the font generously kerned out, in caps, which combined nicely with the art direction and worked well when it overlapped the photography throughout the site and email campaign.

 Promotional email