Lead design for a new, curated, parent approved online store.


Founder, James Hart, had the concept for KIDLY during his time working as ASOS eCommerce Director. Frustrated trying to buy for his own kids, he wanted to create a better online experience that featured, among other things, curated, parent-tested products.


Standing out is always important for a new brand entering a busy market. In designing KIDLY, particular attention was given to the presentation of products and brands.

Bold typography, colourfully presented products and lifestyle photography give a sense of playfulness. While real-life parent photos – featured throughout the product pages and editorial, provide a sense of authenticity.

The Parent Test

Everything Kidly sells undergoes a ‘Parent Test’ which is when a product is used by a mum or dad for a month before it’s available to buy. The resulting feedback, good or bad, and photography is then featured on the respective product page.


KIDLY also features an ‘IDEAS’ section which contain parental advice, life hacks, buying guides and styling tips. The majority of the photography featured is made up from real customers that have tested products.

CRM, Email and Promotional

Bespoke and templated creative approaches for promotional emails covering new products, brand features and sales.